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Power of 4 and Robots Day and........ tests.....shit

2014-07-19 13:47:25 by FiendMachine

Happy Robot Day everyone!!

I made my submission :

3427835_140579186663_Untitled.jpgAlso,I am working for a game for the 'Power of 4'.

It should finish before the deadline.....hopefully.Here's a preview of the player:


Also,I have tests in School  from Monday and I ain't studied shit because of working on that game :C Wish me luck Newgrounds. 



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2014-07-19 15:02:31

Well shit, right? Good luck bro!
By the way, I hope you appreciate constructive criticism reviews that I left one in your new game. It's quite awesome though and rated 5/5 beacuse this must pass moderation.
And do you know if the medals work, after the game gets moderated? Beacuse I didn't get them for now....

(Updated ) FiendMachine responds:

Thanks for that buddy ^^ I really appreciate that review.
Those thoughts did come into my mind except for the animation one but didn't make them as a beta tester said that seemed okay.I will repair it on Thursday <_< need to study until the tests are over
I checked the medals in preview.They are working :/ There might had been a problem with your internet connection when you were unlocking medals.Happened with me once :/


2014-07-20 01:10:19

Wow, that looks nice! :D

Organic chemistry? I feel ya man, that was so confusing for me in the beginning as well...then I discovered this site ( It's still sorta confusing, but not as much.

Good luck!

FiendMachine responds:

Thanks bud! ^^ I am gonna reupload it though :/ It got a low rating because of a major glitch.

..........that shit is more confusing than the book I have


2014-07-20 11:22:09

Nice job getting frontpaged! :D

FiendMachine responds:

omg X_x wtp C:
*happiness intensified*


2014-07-20 11:35:59

By the way, I didn't read any tips, how reckless of me x3

FiendMachine responds:

Thou shalt be punished


2014-07-28 06:14:02

Here's how to make pie.

Mix your fruit filling (like 3 cups) with water (like 1/2 cup) and corn flour (like 10 mil) and sugar (like 1/4 cup). Heat and stir until thick.

Now for the crust, mix X (2 - 2.5 is enough for a normal 9-inch pie) sticks of butter with X cups of wheat flower and a pinch of salt. Mix until blended and add a little water. Then roll some out and put it in the pan. Pour your filling in. Now roll out the rest of the dough and put it on top and crimp the edges and make some slits w/ a knife. Bake it at 425F (220C) for 20 mins and then reduce heat to 350F (180C) for 20 mins. Just let it cool and you're done!

FiendMachine responds:

How do you make the fruit filling?


2014-07-28 06:27:22

I just explained it. When I said "fruit filling" I meant "fruit to use as a filling." So just use a fruit like berries or sliced peaches. Good luck!

FiendMachine responds:

haha thanks ^^


2014-07-28 11:44:56

Well you should study first.Believe me I hate tests too.What you seek?free time?freedom?all the time you just need to finish the thing you wanna do without being bothered?Those things don't belong in this world.So I wish you luck.I been through a lot as a primary student,every week a dictation,4 SQs and 1 pre-dictation.often has to do writings in the subject im not good at.Blaming us for stuff and tell us not to blam our parents.Always kept us waiting and standing to yell at us when she comes to the classroom(when greetings the teacher)You know why she yells?BECAUSE ONE AND I MEAN ONE SMALL LITTLE BUG(I mean one student)did something wrong.We're the childish,we're the wrong ones.If one teacher did something wrong she cant give up STANDING UP FOR THAT TEACHER.Always yelling''you did this wrong,copy this paragrah TWICE''or something.even when almost graduating SHE CANT LET US BE FREE.Always when the math teacher comes,HEY DID WE DO ALL THE TESTS YET?FIND SOME AT THE LOCKER!YOU CANT FIND IT?ITS YOUR PROBLEM.I DIDNT EAT IT!Okay,sorry for talking too long.You know how''good'' some school are.

(Updated ) FiendMachine responds:

I don't have any teacher like that right now though :P Surely lucky enough ^^
Are you still in school bud? This school doesn't really look that nice enough,or maybe the teachers
I finished my tests though


2014-07-28 12:12:37

I finished primary school.But unluckly I learned to think negative from primary I think of the secondary school I always think bad things but turns out the school isnt that bad.

FiendMachine responds:

Take is positively bro,life since 9th grade has been the best for me ^^ Which grade are you in?


2014-07-28 12:15:18

Because when I tell people how bad it would probably be but they told me they heard people say that school is nice.I still got 1 month and some days before I go to secondary school.Im on summer vacation.I thought it wouldn't be nice enough of course the secondary school will give me homework but turns out it didnt

FiendMachine responds:

It's damn fun,that's when you get to have the most fun and craziness ^^ Enjoy it